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Why Small Business Owners Should Work with an Attorney

Why Small Business Owners Should Work with an Attorney

By Hampton & Pigott
Posted on 5-6-2022

Running a small business is a lot of work. Many small businesses are the result of people pursuing their dreams. Owners of small businesses usually juggle long hours and must manage taxes on top of store operations. When you already have so much on your plate, trying to navigate the legal aspect of your business on your own can prove a heavy burden. That’s why working with an attorney can prove beneficial. Here are some specific ways that can prove true.

Reasons to Hire a Small Business Attorney

Whether you are looking to get small business up and running or have an established business, an attorney can help things run smoothly in these ways:

Zoning Laws

Zoning laws dictate what types of businesses and buildings can operate where. These laws are different from city to city. An attorney can help research your local zoning laws to make sure that your business meets their requirements. This will ensure that your business can operate without hiccups.

Lease and Purchase Agreements

Enlisting the help of an attorney when purchasing or leasing a property can be beneficial as well. Small business attorneys can review purchase and leasing agreements to make sure that you are not getting ripped off and that all agreed upon conditions are clearly stated in the agreement. Going the route of an attorney will ensure that you are protected and will save you thousands of dollars compared to hiring a realtor.

Asset Protection

When you are first getting up and running, you want to secure trademarks or brand names as your own. An attorney can help you do just that. They can help guide you through the process of becoming a legal business entity, and they can assist you with drawing up contracts throughout your business’ lifetime. Small business attorneys are familiar with disputes that commonly come up and can draw up contracts that protect you from them.

Small business owners have nothing to lose from working with an attorney and everything to gain. At Hampton & Pigott, we have attorneys that specialize in helping large scale businesses and small businesses alike. We have flexible services that make it easy and affordable to work with us. You can trust our lawyers to answer your questions and guide you through the legal section of business ownership.