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The DMV will revoke your license unless you request a DMV hearing within seven days of your arrest.[1] You know what is at stake, and your driver’s license is just the beginning. In fact, since your DUI arrest, your license has been an afterthought. You are worried about your job. You are worried about your reputation. You are worried about your freedom. It feels like your entire future is suddenly at risk.

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Our DUI lawyers examine every piece of the government’s case. We look at the testing procedures and identify errors. We identify factors that may have skewed test results including residual mouth alcohol, medical conditions, and the absorption of alcohol by your body after you stopped driving. We challenge the cop’s reason for stopping you and basis for testing you. We demand police officers’ prove they met every requirement of a lawful arrest: probable cause for pulling you over, detaining you, arresting you, and collecting chemical evidence; a proper Miranda rights advisement; and complete Constitutional compliance. We investigate all possible explanations for your driving behavior, physical appearance, and test results. Once our DUI lawyers have dismantled the government’s case, we go on offense.

Even if you drove under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and the government did everything right, pursuing your conviction and sending you to jail may not be in the public’s interest – which is exactly what the government should care about most. We help our clients convince the judge that they do not have to be another DUI statistic but can be a force for good.

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Chris Ponce

Chris Ponce is a former prosecutor with a stellar conviction record. Chris knows how to dismantle a DUI case, because he spent years building them. Chris is licensed to practice in every county in the State of Colorado. He is also licensed to practice before the Colorado Court of Appeals, and the Colorado Supreme Court.
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[1] You have seven days from the date of your arrest, receipt of breath test results, receipt of blood test results, or refusal to submit to testing to request a DMV hearing. If you do not, the DMV will revoke your license automatically after the seventh day.