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The Most Commonly Asked Legal Questions

The Most Commonly Asked Legal Questions

By Hampton & Pigott
Posted on 8-7-2023

Our attorneys at Hampton & Pigott are happy to answer any and all of your legal questions. But many people do not feel comfortable reaching out to us before they know if they need our help or not. Regardless of whether you hire us as your legal team or not, we are happy to have a free consultation with potential clients to answer their questions. Here are some of the most common legal questions that people ask.

"Do I need a lawyer for my situation?" - Many individuals are unsure whether they require legal representation for their specific issue, such as a contract dispute, divorce, criminal charge, or personal injury claim.

"What are my rights in [specific situation]?" - People often seek guidance on their legal rights in various contexts, such as landlord-tenant disputes, employment matters, consumer rights, and family law issues.

"How do I file for [legal action]?" - Individuals may ask about the process and requirements for initiating legal actions, such as divorce, bankruptcy, small claims court, or obtaining a restraining order.

"What is the statute of limitations for my case?" - Statutes of limitations set time limits within which legal actions must be filed. People often inquire about the applicable time frame for pursuing a claim or lawsuit.

"How can I get a copy of my criminal record or court documents?" - Questions about accessing public records, including criminal records or court filings, are common.

"Can I be fired for [specific reason]?" - Employment-related questions often involve concerns about termination, workplace discrimination, harassment, and employee rights.

"What should I do if I've been involved in a car accident?" - People seek legal advice after experiencing accidents to understand their rights, potential liability, and the process of filing insurance claims.

"How can I protect my intellectual property rights?" - Individuals with creative works or inventions often inquire about copyright, trademark, and patent protection.

"How can I get a green card or work visa?" - Immigration-related questions frequently involve obtaining visas, citizenship, and understanding immigration processes.

"What steps should I take to create a will or estate plan?" - Many people inquire about estate planning, including wills, trusts, and powers of attorney, to ensure their assets are protected and distributed as per their wishes.

"What are the penalties for [specific crime]?" - People may ask about potential consequences for certain offenses, such as drug possession, DUI, or theft.

It's important to note that legal questions can be highly specific to individual situations and jurisdictional laws. For accurate and personalized legal advice, simply contact us. If you end up not needing our representation, we will happily say so. But if you do need us, you can count on our team of experienced attorneys to help you succeed, regardless of your legal situation.