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What Not to Do During a Custody Battle

What Not to Do During a Custody Battle

By Hampton & Pigott
Posted on 9-24-2020

Just because you and your partner have decided that it is best to live separate lives, does not mean that you want to live separately from your children. There are many ways that a court could split custody and placement of children, and it is not always 50/50. So, how can you successfully navigate this difficult and confusing time?

The Hampton & Pigott team has logged many hours in family law cases. We know what judges are looking for when deciding on what seems best for your children. We can help you understand what those things are so that you can be awarded custody and placement of your children. Above all, we can help you to know what you should avoid doing during court. Here are the things you simply must avoid doing when involved in a custody battle.

Do Not Introduce New Partners

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your divorce, you may be eager to begin dating again. If you do decide to get back out there, one thing you should not do is introduce your new partner to your children. This can complicate an already confusing time for your children. If the judges note that your children are under extra emotional stress due to this, it may not look well for you.

Do Not Deny Children Time with the Other Parent

If the court has allocated time to be spent with the other parent, you cannot legally withhold this from them. If you become upset and are tempted to hold time with children against your co- parent, think again. If you do so, your ex may request that the court hold you in contempt and this could lead to them reevaluating custody terms.

Do Not Neglect Agreed Upon Responsibilities

If the court has specified child support amounts to be paid or other arrangements, be sure to not miss those. Even if it is not court ordered, if you and your ex have made arrangements for child support, pickups, and visitations, it is in your best interests to follow through. If you do not, your ex will surely notify the courts about this and the judge may not think that you are acting with your children’s best interests in mind.

Do Not Argue with Your Ex

Anything resembling fighting with your spouse, or heaven forbid, your children, will inevitably look bad for you in court. Avoid getting into shouting matches with the other parent or bad-mouthing them to your children. Do not become provoked and throw things or damage any of your ex’s property either. It should go without saying that involving in these types of behaviors is not what is best for your children.

Remaining in the court’s good graces is the name of the game. And when it comes to the wellbeing of your children, surely you do not want to risk looking bad in the eye of the judge. This is just a sliver of the assistance you receive when you work with Hampton & Pigott. If you want to be sure that you will have a say in your children’s lives, give us a call today.