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The Importance of Trademarks

The Importance of Trademarks

By Hampton & Pigott
Posted on 10-20-2021

Trademarks are everywhere in today's modern world, and for good reason. You most certainly see them all over the place in your everyday life, whether it be the name of a restaurant you frequent, or the big logo plastered on a gas station or drug store that you're passing by. If you're involved in running a new business, you may be wondering how important it is that you attain one or more trademarks. The answer is that it's very important, and there are several reasons why.

Trademarks Create Recognition

The odds are, if you're familiar with a company of any sort, then there's probably a trademark of theirs that you'd recognize and associate with them, and the service that they provide. This is one of the biggest reasons obtaining trademarks is so important. They allow you to distinguish your growing business from your competitors and allow you to carve out a lane that consumers can recognize and associate with your brand and what it stands for.

Trademarks Prevent Future Legal Problems

Whether it happens intentionally or by accident, if you don't trademark your brand name, logo, slogan, or other piece of intellectual property, it's possible that another company is going to mimic it sometime down the line. If you haven't made a point to obtain a legal trademark, then you will be left without much legal recourse in these situations. With the trademark in place, though, you and your brand are protected.

Trademarks Demonstrate Your Legitimacy

Simply put, by obtaining trademarks for your company's brand, you're ensuring that people will take your business seriously. When most people see a trademark, they perceive the company as more legitimate and credible, and they're more likely to put trust in their services. Not only can obtaining trademarks show the potential consumers that you mean business, but it also makes your company a more appealing landing spot for potential employees. Most people looking for work would prefer to join up with a reliable, stable company, and having trademarks associated with your brand helps to look the part.

For these reasons and more, obtaining the necessary trademarks should be one of your top priorities when establishing your new business. When dealing with acquiring trademarks or any other legal issues, consider contacting our business law attorneys at Hampton & Pigott. We can help you successfully get your business up and running and we can provide legal advice down the line to ensure that it continues to run successfully.