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What to Know About Carrying a Stun Gun in Colorado

What to Know About Carrying a Stun Gun in Colorado

By Hampton & Pigott
Posted on 11-24-2020

Many people choose to carry stun guns in case they feel they need to protect themselves. And according to Colorado law, legitimately using a stun gun in self-defense is permissible. But according to section 18-12-106.5, what is not permissible is using a stun gun to aid in a criminal offense. In fact, doing so would be considered a class 5 felony.

What penalties are associated with the illegal use of a stun gun?

It should be noted that any penalties tacked on for using a stun gun in association with a crime committed will be in addition to those for the crime itself. These penalties can include a 1-3-year prison sentence, a two-year parole, and fines anywhere from $1,000-$100,000. And if the crime with which the stun gun was used is considered a violent crime? Well, expect an increase to those penalties.

What if you are wrongfully accused of mishandling a stun gun?

As was mentioned, in the state of Colorado, it is not illegal to own, sell, or carry a stun gun. The crime is doing so with criminal intent. Therefore, if you have been accused of violating section 18-12-106.5, your best course of action is to prove that you did not commit the crime in question. Additionally, you could argue that the stun gun did not actually meet the definitions of a stun gun, you were acting in self-defense of you or someone else, or you could argue that you did not actually use the stun gun.

Really, it is quite common for individuals to carry a stun gun for their own protection. If you find that you are being falsely accused of committing a crime that you did not, give Hampton & Pigott a call ASAP. We are experienced in many different branches of law, including criminal defense. We are a team of experienced and dedicated attorneys that will fight for you and your rights. Contact us today with any questions you may have.