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Process Servers – A Useful Aid for Lawyers

Process Servers – A Useful Aid for Lawyers

By Hampton and Pigott
Posted on 3-2-2020

As a lawyer, you of course can provide service of process for a client, but you may want to consider a reason why you might not want to do so. Say for instance, you were called as a witness because the facts surrounding the service of process became important to note during trial. You would therefore risk being disqualified on the grounds that a party’s lawyer cannot also serve as a fact witness. On top of this potential risk, process serving can also be tedious and time-consuming. Something that you may not be able to make room for in your schedule.

The good news is that there are plenty of agencies out there that have the legal knowledge and expertise to carry out this service for you. Our friends over at Colorado Attorney Services provide all sorts of legal aid, include serving process. And they are here to serve you with a few things you may want to know regarding hiring a process server.

Hiring the Sheriff

In a few states, they may require that you have the sheriff serve process, although for the most part this is optional. The sheriff is certainly an effective source, but you may also want to compare the cost and time it may take the sheriff to complete the task as opposed to a professional process server. Using the sheriff will still incur a fee and depending on how much is already on the sheriff’s plate, they may not be able to make process serving an immediate priority.

Hiring a Process Server

Professional process servers, like the ones you will find at Colorado Attorney Services, are just that, professionals. If you need something done in a timely manner, hiring a process server may be the wisest route for you to take. CAS servers have thorough knowledge of Colorado state laws and geography and are experts in locating evasive persons. We, like many process serving agencies, also provide skip tracing, document search and retrieval and more. So, if you need other services performed, such as the ones we just mentioned, hiring a process server can simplify your life. If you need same day service, this can also be arranged. Prices can vary based on speed of delivery needed and the circumstances of the service. If you would like to inquire more about our services, call CAS today!

Of course, there are pros and cons to both hiring a sheriff for serving process and process severs. So, weigh out what makes the most sense for you. As always, Hampton & Pigott is dedicated to providing you with the legal information that will help you make the most mindful decisions. Research our other blog articles for even more legal insight.