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Your Business Matters

As a small business owner, one mistake could cost you everything. You need someone who can advise you on business steps and protect you against people who may want to take advantage of you. You need someone who will stand up for the little guy. Hampton & Pigott is ready to offer our services to you. We can help guide you through the complicated world of business taxes so that you are infallible to the IRS. We can help secure your trademarks and LLCs so that your intellectual property cannot be stolen from you. And if your goal is to grow your business, we can advise you on how to do just that.

Business Startup

You have a great idea for a business. Maybe you have been doing a job for somebody else, and you have finally realized that you can do that work on your own and make a lot more money. Maybe you have a great product that you are ready to develop, produce, market, and sell. Maybe you have a skill set, and you are ready start providing that skill to paying customers. Regardless of the type of business you want to create, you need help getting it started. Our firm is proud to assist new entrepreneurs with their new business. In many cases, we can provide all of the legal documents you need to get your business off the ground for one affordable, flat fee.

Contract Disputes

Whether in writing or made as a verbal agreement, your contract operates as a memorandum of understanding between parties. A dispute could arise because of a difference of opinion, inability to perform, or another issue not considered under the original agreement. Our legal team is here to help you develop the most successful trial strategy.

Contract Drafting

Our attorneys are skilled in drafting a large array of contracts which include elaborate licenses, franchise agreements, construction, and vendor or customer contracts. Preparation and planning are keys to success so before drafting any contract, we make sure we fully understand your goals to minimize your legal risk for the life of the contract.

Corporate Documents

Whether your company is a corporation, partnership, or LLC, your business documentation must be current and in good order. With these documents, you protect your personal assets from lawsuits and other possible threats. And if a split between owners occurs then proper documentation will establish a clear transition process.

Employment Matters

As a business grows, the risks and difficulties involved in managing employees and contractors increase as well. Our attorneys are ready to help you in drafting agreements with contractors or employees, or in the enforcing of those agreements if that becomes necessary. We also have the experience needed to defend small businesses against many wage and wrongful termination claims.

Owner Disputes

At times partners/shareholders reach a point in the business when the professional relationship becomes irreparable. If you find yourself in this position our legal team can help you resolve the issue. We can use a variety of tools including, but not limited to, mediation, negotiation, or lawsuit. To save yourself time, stress, and money, we urge you to schedule a free consultation with our lawyers. With solid legal help, you will be equipped to make sound business decisions.

Construction & Real Estate

In the quickly growing Colorado economy, real estate and construction disputes are a common occurrence. Our team has the knowledge and experience needed to help with construction disputes, liens, as well as lease or real property conflicts. If a contract dispute arises between the owner, contractor, or sub-contractor, or you are a landlord struggling to evict a tenant, call on us to assist you through the process.

Debt Problems

In cases of unfortunate economic downturn, our attorneys are prepared to assist with business bankruptcy and debt resolution, enabling your company to recover its footing. Our team has experience with debt settlement, 11 and 7 bankruptcies, as well as federal and state business liquidations.

Buying or Selling Business

There are many considerations when selling or purchasing a business. Will the purchase be an asset or stock purchase? Cash, earn-outs, promissory notes, contingent consideration, representations and warranties, indemnification, and the best means to transfer assets are all aspects that must be addressed. Along with all the options available to structure the deal come an equal number of associated risks. Our attorneys can help you through the process.

Collections & Creditor Rights

Timely payments are necessary for the smooth operation of any business, and it is your legal right to be paid for your work. Our lawyers have gained ample experience with liens, lawsuits, foreclosure, and garnished wages/bank accounts to recover owed debts. We use many different collection techniques to enforce judgments, whether they be in-state or out-of-state judgments.

Government Problems

It’s important to address governmental issues immediately when they arise. However, whether your issue is brand new or has been in the works for many years, and whether it involves federal, state, or local government agencies, our attorneys have the experience to help with any administrative action.


You are sitting at your desk staring at a summons. For reasons that seem impossible to you, someone is suing you. Maybe you have noticed how litigious our society has become and recognized this as a possibility, maybe you thought this would never happen to you. Nevertheless, here you are, staring at a complaint in District Court. It will not go away. You have to fight back! We are experienced litigators. We can defend you and your company against people who would tear it down.

Be Represented

Our skilled legal team is available to provide you with service tailored to your unique business needs, no matter its size or age.

Trial Ready

Right from day one of any business dispute, our attorneys begin preparing for trial. We have found that by combining a well-executed trial strategy with aggressive representation, we can bring disputes to the most efficient resolution.

Demand & Counter Demand


A complete examination of all facts and applicable law is needed to craft effective demand letters.



Pleadings require advocating for jurisdiction, venue, and numerous other strategic issues, in addition to filing a complaint or answer.



In the acquisition of evidence to support your case, we utilize interrogatories, depositions, and inspections. Our team understands that the insistent pursuit of discovery is necessary for success.



Preparation and experience are as important as a strong trial strategy in winning your case.

Choose Your Venue


If the amount involved in a dispute between citizens of multiple different states exceeds $75,000, federal courts will hear the case.


State courts have the jurisdiction to hear a broad number of cases on almost any matter. Most claims that fall under federal and state law can be brought into state court.


If arbitration is agreed upon by all involved parties, whether this is by contract or after the dispute has begun, an arbitrator will then be appointed to resolve the case outside of court.

A plaintiff will often bring a claim within multiple venues, and a defendant might remove the suit to a separate venue. Our team of attorneys understands the intricacies involved and considers location, court rules, judges, juries, the statute of limitations, and other factors to help clients develop the most advantageous trial strategy.

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