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Criminal Defense

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Natalie is an attorney licensed to practice law before all Colorado county and district courts, the Colorado Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court of the State of Colorado. Ms. Chase’s has a diverse focus in domestic relations, dependency & neglect, criminal justice, defense, and litigation. Not only does Ms. Chase currently practice in a multitude of areas of the law, but she is also the presiding judge for the City of Deer Trail, and a substitute referee for the city of Fort Collins.

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Case: Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Date: Mar 2021
County: Jefferson
Case: Domestic Violence Harassment and Criminal Mischief
Date: Mar 2021
County: Jefferson
Case: Trespassing
Date: Apr 2021
County: Adams
Outcome: DEFERRED PROSECUTION with no conditions
Case: DUI with high blood alcohol level
Date: May 2021
County: Weld
Outcome: PLEA TO DWAI with no jail
Case: Child abuse
Date: Jun 2021
County: Clear Creek
Case: Harassment
Date: Jun 2021
County: Boulder

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Facing criminal charges can turn your life upside down. The ramifications that stem from being found guilty of a crime can touch every aspect of your life. It can affect your reputation, your hireability, and your family life. It can even result in life in prison. We understand what you’re up against. We are willing to fight for you as if you’re facing life or death, because in some cases, you are.

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Natalie Chase

Natalie has done hundreds of trials, not only as a judicial officer, but also owning her own practice, and being an Assistant City Attorney for the City of Aurora. Her dedication to improving the judicial system, and teaching other lawyers is unmatched.
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First Time Offenses and Misdemeanors

You could live another 1000 years, and you will never forget the way the cold steel handcuffs felt as they clamped down on your wrist bones. You will never forget the harsh tone the police officer took when he told you he didn't care about your explanation or what really happened. He was taking you to jail no matter what. That officer was not the only one who refused to listen to you. The officers at the jail did not want to hear what you had to say, the District Attorney did not want to hear what you had to say, and the judge imposed bond with apparent indifference. It is time for you to have your say. Our firm will ensure that you have your day in court.

White Collar Crime

You have to make tough business decisions all the time. You have to make decisions about compensation for yourself and for your employees. You have to make decisions about taxes and how federal and state tax laws apply to your business. You run your business in a competitive, cutthroat environment. One decision can make the difference between beating your competition Anna making a deal or losing and trying to figure out how you are going to meet your payroll the next month period Unfortunately, overzealous state and federal investigators sometimes mistake tough business decisions for criminal acts. When a business decision you've made catches the interest of a governmental agency, you need an exceptional legal team immediately. Our lawyers know how to handle white collar crime because our lawyers have been on both sides of it.

Violent Crime and Felonies

Sometimes, the best way to address a mistake is to simply minimize the damage. Under certain circumstances, a first time offender can earn a second chance by taking responsibility or a mistake and taking positive actions to correct it. Our attorneys have worked with prosecutors throughout the state. We know when in action plan may provide an opportunity to walk away with a clean record. We can discuss your options, and help you formulate a plan that will give you the best chance at minimizing the long-term consequences of criminal charges.

Our attorneys do more than talk. They listen. They make sure to get all the facts. You are more than the charges against you, and our attorneys will make sure that the court sees that.

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