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Hampton & Pigott LLP values the health of our clients and we continue to serve them through the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Our physical offices are closed, but we continue to offer virtual legal services over telephone and Virtual Teleconferencing.

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Hampton & Pigott LLP is a collaborative team of personable attorneys whose clients receive excellent investment value from legal guidance that leverages extensive, combined knowledge and experience. Hampton & Pigott’s innovative approach and accessible counsel provide a unique and rewarding experience that results in high-levels of satisfaction and positive outcomes.

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Audris Hampton, David Pigott, and William Baker all are experienced and successful lawyers that decided to do things differently, and ultimately that leads to a better experience for you! They are a collaborative team of knowledgeable and personable attorneys who offer value by eliminating the traditional layers and fees associated with most law firms while providing exceptional knowledge and experience to their clients.

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