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Definitions of Criminal Tampering

First degree criminal tampering involves tampering with the intent to impair or interpret the property of a utility or institution that provides health or safety protection. Some examples of utilities include: gas, water, sewer, and electric companies. Tampering with such properties is classified as a class 1 misdemeanor and may incur penalties of 6-18 months in jail and up to $5,000 in fines.

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The elements of first degree criminal tampering are:

  1. That the defendant,
  2. in the State of Colorado, at or about the date and place charged,
  3. with intent,
  4. to cause interruption or impairment of a service rendered to the public by a utility or by an institution providing health or safety protection,
  5. tampered with property of a utility or institution, and
  6. his [her] conduct did not constitute the crime of tampering with equipment associated with oil or gas gathering operations, or the crime of tampering with a utility meter.

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