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Cheri L.

I worked with Akshay for several years on a complicated case and was impressed with his knowledge. He has a backup team of lawyers that that he works with that specialize in specific areas. I don’t think they were needed in this case but it was comforting to know that we had easily accessible support in the event that it was needed.

My case was more than a mess but working with Akshay was a pleasure!

I loved that he was readily available; if he didn’t answer my call, he would call me back pretty quickly.

I appreciated his integrity and honesty. A rare find in this industry, in my experience.

Akshay was a big support to me during a tough time. He is just a great person all around and a talented attorney!

I strongly recommend him and would use him again, if needed, but sure hope that’s not the case.

Thank you, Akshay!
Cheri L.

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